Operation Get Free

Freeing Veterans from Major Depression, PTSD and Suicide

2nd letter to General Eric Shinseki, Secretary of Veteran Affairs

September 11, 2012

To:  General Eric Shinseki, U.S. Army, retired
Secretary, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20420

Re:  The certified letter I sent to your office November 11, 2011 (Veterans Day) inviting the VA to Monitor Our Study on the Breakthrough Remedy for Veteran Suicide and to announce the release of my E-book titled: Veteran Suicide Breakthrough.  This book brings to light, the beginning of the end to the veterans suicide epidemic.  Apparently the VA is unaware of the alternative breakthrough solution for the military’s combat veterans currently suffering with PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and how to prevent 80-90% of veteran suicides, as discovered by Harvard Medical School

Dear General Shinseki,

Why didn’t you or your staff reply to my 2011 letter regarding the Harvard discovered solution for 80-90% of veteran suicides?  If Lithium Orotate were to be prescribed to all veterans with suicidal mood disorders, all of the credible, well-documented evidence published in medical journals and by the American Psychologists Association, suggest and imply that Lithium Orotate would essentially shut down the present epidemic of veteran suicides! Is it possible someone failed to show you my letter?

As we indicated in the introductory letter to you last year, we are moving forward with our research to end the veteran suicide epidemic.  As I indicated in the original letter to you, if we did not hear from you regarding this mission, then we would naturally assume that the VA and you are part of the problem rather than the solution to the veteran suicide epidemic. 

We are now taking this mission to the Military Moms who will no doubt make sure that everyone understands the importance of this project and our ultimate success, to the embarrassment of the VA. 

We are very disappointed you have chosen not to assist in this endeavor, but certainly not surprised.


Dr. Mark Millar

PS  We have sent this letter to you certified, with a return receipt to verify you have received it. IS IT REASONABLE FOR OUR VETERANS, THEIR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS TO LOOK FORWARD TO AND DESERVE YOUR WRITTEN RESPONSE; SO WE MAY POST IT ON OUR NEW WEBSITE?


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