Operation Get Free

Freeing Veterans from Major Depression, PTSD and Suicide

Excerpts of Letter to General Eric Shinseki, Secretary, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Finalized on Veterans day 11/11/2011

Mark Millar, D.C.



November 11, 2011

To:  General Eric Shinseki, U.S. Army, retired
Secretary, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20420

Re:  Inviting the VA to Monitor Our Study on the Breakthrough Remedy for Veteran Suicide; and to announce the upcoming publication of my book titled: The Veteran Suicide Breakthrough.  This book brings to light, the beginning of the end to the veterans suicide epidemic.  Apparently the VA is unaware, of the alternative breakthrough solution  for the military’s combat veterans, currently suffering with PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and how to prevent 80-90% of veteran suicides, discovered by Harvard Medical School.  This breakthrough remedy has already been extensively clinically tested and laboratory analyzed and has been determined (without any doubt) to be absolutely safe and maximally effective, in the management of major (suicidal) mood disorders, i.e. (bipolar and major depressive dis0rders).  As such this suicide-prevention tool is ready for prime-time and immediate dispensation to your troops.   Using this over the counter nutritional supplement (no prescription required) we are administering test suicidal combat veterans, using double-blind, placebo-controlled methods. As you well know, almost twice as many off duty soldiers committed suicide in 2010, as compared to 2009.   Click here➨  “Civilian Soldier’ Suicide Rate Alarming”  Source (Greg Zoroya, USA TODAY, 11/26/2010) Review all references throughout this document by right clicking on the blue titles.

Dear General Shinseki,

After spending the last five years, (over 7,000 hours), exclusively researching and writing about the natural organic, essential trace mineral, lithium, let me assure you, all of the scientific facts that I am offering you have been well documented around the world, through various laboratory, university and pharmaceutical studies.

The alternative breakthrough I am referring to is not pharmaceutical lithium (Pharma-lithium), which requires massive doses to effectively treat major mood disorders, such as major depression and bipolar disorder.

This novel alternative is an over the counter, no prescription necessary, all natural, organic, non-toxic alternative to (Pharma-lithium). This nutritional product is called Lithium OrotateLithium Orotate is purported to be at least 10 times more absorbed intra-cellularly (within the cell) than Pharma-lithium and as such eliminates all of the toxicity and side effects associated with Pharma-lithium due to dosages of Lithium Orotate being typically reduced by 90%.

As you may know better than anyone, the horrifying fact is, at this moment in time, we are presently losing more troops, (from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom forces) to suicide, than from combat.  I will provide irrefutable evidence as to why this is still occurring, while veterans are in the care of the VA. You will see that the VA is rarely, if ever, prescribing lithium, except in the most extreme cases of suicidal veterans, and this it turns out, is potentially, the Veteran Administration’s downfall.

General Shinseki, why are soldiers not allowed to be redeployed if they are taking lithium? (Army Times 2010) Lithium is the only remedy for the suicide epidemic. Why are only 1 in 200 veterans with Major depression, (the leading cause of suicide),  receiving lithium? (Valenstein et. al., 2006) Obviously everything else the VA has tried thus far has failed. General Eric Shinseki, what are you prepared to do about this suicide epidemic that is demoralizing our troops and devastating tens of thousands of veteran families?

Andrew Tilghman. Any soldier can deploy on anything. Armytimes.com 3/17/2010 http://www.armytimes.com/news/2010/03/military_drugs_downrange_031710w/

I am not suggesting that the VA should prescribe
pharmaceutical lithium to suicidal veterans.
That is very ‘old and toxic news’. 

Thankfully we have a “bona fide” solution (Lithium Orotate)
for the immediate-beginning of the end, to this never-ending dilemma.

What we will scientifically demonstrate (from published medical studies) beyond a reasonable doubt is that the VA has a brand new opportunity that ensures an end to this suicide scourge, upon our nation’s beloved veterans.

Lithium Orotate is the newest, cutting-edge-technology solution, for the intractable suicide plague that has infected the veterans of the U.S. and severely undermines the moral of our troops and their families.  Furthermore, Lithium Orotate (LO) as you will soon learn presents an unprecedented advancement, potentially enhancing the perseverance and stamina of our troops while on the battlefield, causing a profound mental and emotional strengthening of the soldier, actively defending America.   

Additionally, LO is quite possibly, the most effective solution in the prevention and treatment of PTSD, as well as major depression.  Finally, troops utilizing LO would be allowed to re-deploy, while utilizing this natural product, as there are no associated impairments, only enhancements, associated with its use.

Lithium Orotate is a total breakthrough for Major Depression as “…lithium augmentation is the first-choice treatment procedure for depressed patients who fail to respond to antidepressant monotherapy.”   Lithium augmentation in treatment-resistant depression: meta-analysis of placebo-controlled studies. (Bauer and Dopfmer 1999)

Finally, Lithium Orotate is a total breakthrough for PTSD as lithium has been shown to be effective for the treatment of PTSD symptoms of intrusive re-experiencing of past trauma and hyperarousal. (Fesler, 1991, Psychiatry Service, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Seattle, WA, 1991) Valproate in combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder.

Not only is Lithium Orotate a total breakthrough for Major Depression, PTSD and the suicide epidemic, Lithium Orotate is likely (as suggested by published medical research) extremely effective in managing the symptoms of many stress-induced medical conditions listed below and numerous other medical conditions with multiple causes.

Anxiety disorders
ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s disease
Alzheimer’s disease
Back Pain
Bipolar disorder
Borderline personality disorder
Bruxism (grinding teeth)
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Headaches
Diabetes Mellitus
Drug abuse and withdrawal
Generalized Anxiety disorder
Hip Pain
Inflammatory Bowel disease
Ischemic  Heart disease
Liver disease chronic-cirrhosis
Migraine headaches
Multiple Sclerosis
Neck Pain
Obsessive Compulsive disorder
Organic Brain syndrome
Pain syndromes
Panic disorder
Parkinson’s disease
Pathological gambling
Periodic Limb Movement disorder
Restless Leg syndrome
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Schizoaffective disorder
Sciatic Pain
Self harm
Self Mutilation
Severe Mood Dysregulation
Shoulder Pain
Sleep disorders
Social Anxiety aka Social Phobia
Spinal Cord injury
Substance Abuse disorder
Tourette’s syndrome
Transient Ischemic attack
Vascular disease
Viral infections i.e. (Herpes and HIV/AIDS)

It is important to note, the only thing that Lithium Orotate has in common with Pharma-lithium is the lithium, which as it turns out is not a drug after all.  Lithium (Li) is an essential trace mineral (Li is #3 on the periodic table of elements). http://www.webelements.com/ The breakthrough of Lithium Orotate is the mineral transporter, Orotic acid; facilitating near 100% intra-cellular absorption of lithium and as such, dramatically reduces lithium dosing to well below non-toxic levels. 

Lithium Orotate at dosages approximately 1/10th of Pharma-lithium dosing are achieving excellent results in the management and treatment of major mood disorders such as Major Depression, bipolar disorder; and yes PTSD.  Furthermore all signs of lithium toxicity are eliminated at these low dosages. 

With Lithium Orotate there are no significant side-effects, adverse reactions, drug interactions or any significant adverse effects upon the kidney, thyroid or heart; as is so often seen with Pharma-lithium when dosages exceed 100 mg of elemental lithium.  This is the breakthrough of Lithium Orotate!  All the benefits of lithium supplementation without the toxicity associated with extreme doses of Pharma-lithium.

This complete absence of side effects and blood monitoring, dramatically increases patient compliance, as there are no longer any detrimental reasons for not taking this essential mineral.

Lithium Orotate (LO) creates the very real possibility of reducing veteran suicides by 90-95%.

The reason this possibility exists is that the patient is happy to be compliant, utilizing the product daily, as for the patient experience, there are no adverse effects, (including no kidney and thyroid malfunction) or contra-indications, regarding drinking alcohol or taking LO along with other medicines. Veterans prefer taking Lithium Orotate, because they don’t have to stop drinking alcohol with their comrades.  And lastly, they feel so much better, within 1-3 weeks, many can hardly believe it.  The prescribing medical and alternative holistic physicians treating them are equally impressed with Lithium Orotate as well.

While mainstream psychiatrists routinely prescribe 100-200 mg of elemental lithium, via Pharma-lithium (for maintenance treatment of Major Depression), alternative medical doctors are routinely prescribing 1/10 of the elemental lithium dose (10-20 mg of elemental lithium), via Lithium Orotate, for maintenance of similar medical conditions, such as Major Depression. (Ward Dean, M.D.)  Dr. Ward Dean’ article titled “The Safe, Unique Mineral with Multiple Uses” is located at the following internet address. http://www.onlineholistichealth.com/safe-mineral/

These facts are in keeping with Dr. Neiper’s assertion that Lithium Orotate (LO) is at least ten times more bio-available (absorbed) by the cells of the brain. Numerous medical doctors concur.

Dr. Hans Neiper is the inventor of Lithium Orotate and the physician who successfully treated President Ronald Reagan’s colon cancer.  Dr. Neiper made a monumental discovery during his ‘cultured cell experiments’ analyzing the absorption pattern of mineral salts.  Dr. Neiper discovered that ‘mineral orotate’s passed freely through the cell membrane, entering the cell plasma and releasing the mineral ions within the interior of the cell (cell plasma) to be metabolized by critical cell organelles, e.g., the mitochondria and the cell nucleus.  SEE http://teamcrown.net/newsiteb/2/Calcium%20Orotate–Nieper%20General.pdf

Research Findings:

1. Lithium has been shown to reduce suicide rates associated with bipolar, major depressive and schizo-affective disorders in the range of 80-90%. (Harvard Medical School and the American Psychiatric Association – Practice Guideline for the Assessment and Treatment of Patients With Suicidal Behaviors (2003) (1-3)  Decreased risk of suicides and attempts during long-term lithium treatment: a meta-analytic review. (1)(Baldessarini et al. 2006) Harvard Medical School Lithium treatment reduces suicide risk in recurrent major depressive disorder. (2)  (Guzzetta et al. 2007) Harvard Medical School

“For suicide, lithium maintenance treatment was associated with an 80%–90% decrease in risk, whereas the reduction in suicide attempt rates was more than 90%.” American Psychiatric Association, Practice Guideline (2003)  See paragraph #4 titled lithiumhttp://www.psychiatryonline.com/content.aspx?aID=56792 (3)

The phenomenal effect of pharmaceutical lithium, to prevent suicides (amongst the patient populations with the most deadly suicidal mood disorders), has been demonstrated by Harvard Medical School meta-analyses (combined analysis).  The lithium suicide studies referenced here, span over 30 years and these studies have been meta-analyzed by numerous Harvard Medical School researchers, Lower suicide risk with long-term lithium treatment in major affective illness: a meta-analysis. (Tondo et al. 2001) Harvard Medical School  Lithium treatment and suicide risk in major affective disorders: update and new findings. (Baldessarini et al. 2003) Harvard Medical School

These findings are confirmed and published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA):  “Practice Guideline for the Assessment and Treatment of Patients with Suicidal Behaviors” (2003) The APA states, “There is strong and consistent evidence in patients with recurring bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder that, long-term maintenance treatment with lithium salts is associated with major reductions in risk  of both suicide and suicide attempts.”    http://www.psychiatryonline.com/content.aspx?aID=56792    

The question that must be answered then; why is the Veteran Health Administration (VHA) only prescribing lithium in 1 out of 200 cases of major depression and 1 in 50 cases of treatment-resistant depression?  (Valenstein et al. 2006)          

2. The profound ability of pharmaceutical lithium to prevent suicides has been demonstrated in over 30 human lithium studies, many of which were randomized, placebo-controlled trials. “These benefits were sustained in randomized as well as open clinical trials.” (Baldessarini et al. 2006), Harvard Medical School Decreased risk of suicides and attempts during long-term lithium treatment: a meta-analytic review.

Now I will share excerpts from two of the most recent Harvard study abstracts, demonstrating lithium’s astounding ability to prevent suicide.

Study title: Decreased risk of suicides and attempts during long-term lithium treatment: a meta-analytic review.    (Baldessarini RJ, Tondo L, Davis P, Pompili M, Goodwin FK, Hennen J., 2006) International Consortium for Research on Bipolar Disorders, Department of Psychiatry and Neuroscience Program, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.

Results: “In 31 studies suitable for meta-analysis, involving a total of 85,229 person-years of risk-exposure, the overall risk of suicides and attempts was five times less among lithium-treated subjects than among those not treated with lithium.”

Conclusions: “Risks of completed and attempted suicide were consistently lower, by approximately 80%, during treatment of bipolar and other major affective disorder patients with lithium for an average of 18 months.”  The other major affective mood disorders in this meta-analysis were major depression and schizo-affective disorder. (Baldessarini et al. 2006) This meta-analytic study is equivalent to, a study of over 10,000 patients, conducted for a period of eight years.

Study title: Lithium treatment reduces suicide risk in recurrent major depressive disorder.
(Guzzetta et al., 2007) Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

It was discovered via a meta-analysis of 8 human studies (329 patients) that lithium reduced the risk of suicide and suicide attempts associated with major depressive disorder by 85-90% in accordance with similar findings of suicide prevention for bipolar disorder. “Overall risk of suicides and suicide attempts was 88.5% lower with vs. without lithium.” (Guzzetta et al. 2007)

3. These lithium suicide prevention findings are further validated, by significantly increased suicide rates seen in patients, who discontinue their lithium treatment.  On average, patients who discontinue their lithium treatment have increased rates of suicide at approximately, 5 times the rate of those who continue lithium for the long-term. Lower suicide risk with long-term lithium treatment in major affective illness: a meta-analysis. (Tondo et al. 2001)  Lithium therapy and suicide risk.  (Nilsson 1999)

The most common reason patients discontinue their Pharma-lithium therapy is due to significant intolerable side effects, i.e. neurological and sensory impairments. Factors associated with discontinuation of long-term lithium treatment. (Nilsson and Axelsson 1989)

It is critically important that you understand that lithium side effects and toxicity typically do NOT begin to express themselves until dosages over 100 mg of elemental lithium (EL) are administered.  With Lithium Orotate dosages typically in the 10-40 mg EL range, all toxicity and significant side effects are eliminated.  All mineral supplements have a toxic dosage limit and the essential trace mineral lithium is no exception.

4. A 70% reduction of suicide attempts has been scientifically demonstrated, even in lithium-treated patients that show little or no clinical relief of mood disorder symptomsDoes lithium exert an independent antisuicidal effect?  (Ahrens and Muller-Oerlinghausen, 2001)  This finding suggests that lithium should be prescribed (specifically for the prevention of suicide) even when the patient expresses no relief of depressive symptoms.

End excerpt of original letter to General Eric Shinseki.

See complete letter to General Eric Shinseki below.

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