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Lithium Orotate dosing for PTSD

PTSD as well as bipolar disorder are both conditions that may require greater dosing than other conditions benefited by by Lithium Orotate supplementation.

Typical dosing or average dose for PTSD is typically in the range of 8-10 tabs per day when you are just beginning the process.  However we have found through our research that approximately 30% of PTSD individuals need to take 14-20 tabs per day for 1 -3 months to achieve maximum results.

After you have found the right dose for yourself you will likely need to stay at that level for 1-3 months to achieve a level of healing of your nervous system before you reduce your dose to a lower level for maintaining the results you have achieved. The healing process appears to continue for 6-12 months during which time you will notice greater strengthening of the balance you have achieved and over time you will be able to continue to reduce your daily dose while maintaining the results you have achieved.

If you are going to take more than 10 tabs per day (approximately 50mg/day of elemental lithium) for more than a month, it is advisable to have your kidney function analyzed (for creatinine clearance) and thyroid function for TSH, free T3, free T4, reverse T3, and reverse T4.

If you take 20 tabs per day, split into 2 doses.

20 tabs per day = approximately 100mg of elemental lithium.  At this level approximately 5% of individuals will experience some measure of kidney and or thyroid dysfunction as well as some minimal signs of toxicity.  95% of us can utilize up to 100mg per day without significant side effects or disturbances of kidney and or thyroid dysfunction.

For further instruction you may contact Dr. Millar for a free 5 minute consultation.  email lithiumdoctor@live.com or call 480-282-1545


Dr. Mark Millar  The Lithium Doctor™  http://www.thelithiumdoctor.com


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